Low Rider Duplication Glitch Unlimited Money Patch 1.31

This low rider duplication glitch will give you the ability to duplicate your vehicles to get unlimited money! It also will allow you to bypass the 45 min waitingtime and the glitch works with the actual GTA Online Patch 1.31! But be aware, when you sell the original copy (the car that you’ve duplicated) all your other copies of this car will disappear!!!

Duplicate cars to get unlimited money


You need 3 garages minimum, use Unit 2 Popular Street and 331 Supply Street, The 3rd garage needs to have at least 2 free car slots for the glitch to work per Duplication!

Fill 2 Garages full off rebels and 1 Low rider, put the Low rider in the Popular street garage.

Get 1 or 2 friends, Cargo bob and a truck.

Step 1: Drive the Low rider out of Popular Street Garage and blow it up.

Step 2: Run over next to Supply street garage and have your friend shoot you and send them a 1 vs 1 deathmatch invite.

Do not accept invite Just yet!

Step 3: You need to steal a street car and drive it into Supply street garage and accept the black screen message.

Step 4: Your friend should accept the deathmatch invite as you disappear into your garage.

Once you have successfully returned back the car should be gone if it is still there the glitch didn’t work.

Step 5: You need to leave the death match and call Mors Mutual and get your car back. you must not leave the area, as the glitch will not work your friend needs to get your car and bring it to you.

Step 6: Drive your low rider into your garage do not accept the invite
it should pull your car into the garage.

Step 7: Replace a rebel and walk back out.

Now you should have a invisible car push the car out into the middle of the road and have your friend pick it up with the cargo bob.

Step 8: Stand under the car and press Triangle or Y to get in.

make sure you only press triangle or Y once As you can screw the car up simply drive it back into popular street garage and repeat the process.

If you cant get this method to work have your low rider inside popular street garage from the start like the video.
when you get your Low rider from Mors Mutual put both first and invisible copy in Supply street garage.

Credits to +TutoFacileFrance +FreightTrain What Tha Fuudge! For creating the Street car Duplication.

This glitch was tested on PS4 but will also work on XBOX.


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