1998 Daewoo Tico SX Vehicle Mod

GTA V Daewoo 1998 Daewoo FSO Tico SX

The reason why we post this vehicle mod is just because of the amount of ridiculous customization you could do in the game. The Daewoo Tico SX model is by the way a convert of the GTA IV model.

Daewoo Tico SX high quality model

+ Original high quality convert
+ Original name in game
+ 110 tuning parts* + new names! (PL, ENG)
+ 8 random elements
+ Working polish licence plates!
+ Polish sticker of number plates, working too!
+ Good handling and realistic damage (yes, it isn’t safe car :D)
+ Can do more real versions: PM, SR and Van
+ Can tow a small trailer
+ A lot of new textures and parts
+ Retextured whole model
+ Breakable glass
+ New texture of windows
+ Good LODs
+ Only 60 000 poly – good for low PC
+ List of official colours for Tico SX ’98
+ Removed bugs and holes from GTA IV
+ Working gauges and radio display
+ Working steering wheel and correct hand placement
+ Character sits correctly
+ Dirt and scratches on the bodywork
+ Tires blow-out correctly
+ Double-sided glass and bumpers
+ Separated fenders
+ Working neons
+ Openable bonnet, boot and doors
+ Customizable wheels

Original GTA IV model by: Lazlow555, darewnoo
Official GTA V convert by: darewnoo
Screenshots/edit: darewnoo
Upload: darewnoo
Email: darewnooATinteria.pl
Website: www.mods.darewnoo.pl

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