Angry Planes Mod V1.3 [Cleaned]

GTA 5 Angry Planes Mod V1.3 Cleaned

Some people have discovered that the cool Angry Planes Mod for GTA 5 contains evil malware. Then the mod would be removed from all download bases until a nice guy removed the malware. You can find the video and the documentation about removing the malicious files from the mod on reddit.

Now you can enjoy this very funny mod without getting harmed.

– Activate/deactivate the mod with F5 (can be changed in ini file)

– A big amount of planes will spawn in the air and will attack you

– MaxVehicles: max number of planes that will spawn
– EnableRockets: enable or disable the rockets used by planes against you
– EnableKamikaze: enable or disable that the planes will suicide against you
– EnableFireworks: if set on 1 the rockets will be replaced by fireworks
– MinRocketDelay: delay between each rocket shooted against you (in milliseconds)
– ActivationKey: key to activate the mod

You need Script Hook V to get this mod working

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