Better Vehicle Deformation Mod

Better Vehicle Demolition

This better vehicle deformation mod modifies the engine health and the vehicle deformation like in real life.

Version 0.4b Changes:
-Increased Deformation Damage – instead 25% i tweaked it to about 15%/12%, 10%/8% for update cars.

Version 0.4a Changes:
-Tweaked Deformation Damage – 25% decrease from 7.0 to 5.75 for most cars to prevent vehicles from being undrivable after 1-2 hits. [Other cars from 6.5 to 5.25 and from 6.0 to 4.75]
-Sadly Rhino Tank don’t have any deformation map so i needed to revert changes to that vehicle. Will it blend? NOPE.
-Added better readme.

Version 0.3b Changes:
-Added several vehicles from update, they vary in deformation durability.
-Tweaked few standard vehicles like helis/planes to not insta explode after deformating.

Version 0.2 Changes:
-Added deformation to all missing non-dlc vehicles.
-Tweaked van vehicle category to be a bit more resistant to deformation.
-Lowered a bit Deformation Damage from 7.5 to 7.0 or 6.5/6.0/5.0 for some van cars.

Version 0.1c Changes:
-Vehicle Deformation from 0.5/0.7/0.8 to 7.5 (some 7.25 or other similar variables)
-10 times more durable car engine 1 to 0.1

Using OpenIV 2.6, select update.rpf > common > data, enter Edit Mode, drag and drop the included handling.meta file, and close.

Also if you want update(dlc) vehicles put handling.meta from dlc folder to GTA V/update/update.rpf/common/data (only from 0.3b)

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