Cautious Drivers V1.1

Cautious Drivers

With the Cautious Drivers Mod most drivers will drive with their doors locked, just like in many areas in real life. 

Default percentage of drivers having their cars locked is set to 80%. You can change this value in the .ini file. 

Taxi cabs are not affected. 

Parked Cars

Раrkеd саrs саn аlsо bе usеd. Νоtе that this wіll аlsо lосk your own саrs. Usе mу other mоd, Vеhісlе Rеmоtе Сеntrаl Lосkіng, together with this оnе, tо unlосk mаnuаllу. Асtіvаtе раrkеd саrs іn thе .іnі fіlе by sеttіng раrkеd_саrs еquаl tо something above 0.

Affect all option in the .ini file. 
All cars can be set to be affected and able to be be unlocked. If set to 0, the mod will only lock, not unlock. 

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