Complete Driving Overhaul V

Complete Driving Overhaul V
Realistic suspension and traction
In vanilla GTA V, cars are glued to the road and feel like a F1 car then an actual car. In CDO, cars are no longer glued to the road and behave much more like an actual car.
You can no longer take your LaFerrari for a spin at Mt. Chilliad. Supercars and the like are no longer suitable vehicles to climb mountains with the new overhaul. Why not try bringing a jeep?

Almost exact braking and top speed values compared to reality

In GTA V, cars are capped to a sad 120 or so miles per hour and have unrealistic braking! In the overhaul, acceleration and braking values almost exactly mirror real life! Brakes are less effective now.

Realistic Mass

The Adder is now a heavy beast. A heavy but powerful beast I should add! The adder is now capable of going up to 255 mph instead of being capped at the vanilla GTA V limits.

Keyboard Friendly

This mod is completely playable with a keyboard! Hurray!

Realistic Damage Values

You have the option of picking between many levels of damage! Including Realistic (5.625x the normal damage!) or Arcade (2x the normal damage).
Durability values are also edited to account for these new values, so your car will not blow up by touching a rubber wall at 2mph.
I know, these values seem very extreme, but don’t worry! Drive safe!
(Arcade Mode Coming in next update, the 2x is acting very wonky right now.)

100% Playable With Campaign

This overhaul can easily be played on the campaign mode with no hassle. Missions will not be extremely hard to complete.




Open the program OpenIV 2.6, click edit mode, go to update > update.rpf > common > data > drag and replace my handling.meta with the already existing handling.meta! No additional steps required!
Over 100+ hours of work.. My personal handling.meta file is now finally released to the public.


1.00 : Initial Release.


Alexander Blade: Could not have done it without him!
Killatomate: Used to research realistic handling values.
Renegade: Creation

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