Better Chases and Arrest Warrant Mod

GTAV Better Chases And Arrest Warrant Offroad Chases

This better chases and arrest warrant mod contains a few modules which make the police of Los Santos more professional in their job getting you, including the revival of the old Arrest Warrant script.

Features of this mod:

Better Chases Features

Cops now require PIT authorization to ram you
They also require Lethal Force authorization to start shooting at you
Your actions now prompt an adequate response from the police, from PIT/Lethal Force authorization to a higher wanted level
No matter how high your Wanted Level is, you can surrender by pressing E while standing still, provided there is a cop nearby.

Arrest Warrant Features

Realistic Identification & Recognition (cops require LOS)
Dynamic HUD showing you what the cops know, and if you’re in danger
Dynamic Warrant Length, bases on how many stars you had when escaped
Cops will investigate if you or your car match the Warrant
You can avoid being identified by wearing masks, helmets or driving a vehicle with tinted windows. Ducking inside a vehicle also works.

.Net Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
Native UI 1.6.1

Put Better Chases.dll, BetterChasesConfig.xml and NativeUI.dll (if neccessary) into your “scripts” folder

Eddlm & The Realism Team

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