Bodyguard Mod Black Ops Edition v2.5

GTA 5 Fast Bodyguards Black Ops Mod v1.0

This bodyguard mod provides you a bunch of bodyguards in Black Ops style who will protect you.


B – Spawn 7 bodyguards
Numpad 1 – Spawn 1 bodyguard
L – Set god mode to bodyguards
X – Spawn Insurgent
K – Kill 1 bodyguard
J – Kill all bodyguards

You can edit the keys in the .ini file

-u can change BodyGuard weapons from ini file
-u can change BodyGuard vehicle[Insurgent] from ini file
-[Fixed] God Mode in vehicle

-[Fixed]BodyGuard will never leave you
-[Fixed]Bodyguards will never attack you
-U can set God mode for bodygurads(press L)
//u can edit key from ini file
-U can kill all bodyguards in one time (press J)
//u can edit key from ini file

-Add ini File ( Now U Can Edit Keys For Mod )
-Remove Body After BodyGuards Dead


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