Fight Club Mod

GTAV Fight Club Mod 2

Fight Club Mod is a endless fighting arena where your opponents get stronger and larger in numbers every round. You can gain a random amount of money each round depending on your performance and how fast you kill your opponents that you can use in the shop to buy health, a random melee weapon, or allies.

You can also change the Fight Club theme and round start sound in the folder just find an MP3 file and replace them. Everything is changeable in the .ini as well if you don’t want anything to play.


– Initial Release.

– Forgot to implement the NAudio dll into download.
– Fixed weapon randomness chance for enemies and allies.

– Removed debug key that was accidentally left.
– Fight Club music and round start sounds can be changed in the folder appropriately now! Find any MP3 file and just replace with the correct names.

– Attacking crowd members will make them join the fight against you.
– Going outside of the crowd arena ring will make you forfeit and leave.

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