Low Life Crimes Rob Mod

GTAV Rob Mod Low Life Crimes Rob People 2

This rob mod called Low Life Crimes expands the range of crimes the player can commit, letting you perform armed robberies on foot, or purse-grab robberies if you’re on a bike.

The script adds a few roleplay elements to the gameplay, as now, the time of the day affects how much money you can get from them, and different kinds people behave in different ways when being robbed. The looks also matter: Rich looking people tend to have a lot more money, while plain looking persons don’t. Hookers tend to have more cash than usual, too.

Always look for ATM users, marked on the minimap by a $. Easy money!

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015

Put LowLifeCrime.dll and LowLifeCrime.ini into your “scripts” folder.
Be sure to check the LowLifeCrime.ini to tweak anything you might need.


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