GTAV RPG v0.1.12a

GTA RPG v0.1.12a


A .NET GTA V mod which adds typical RPG features such as leveling, questing, non-linear dialogue, skills, looting and more. Dialog at the moment is a ‘first’ try and will be improved later on. Currently a Work In Progress with many features planned such as:

  • Dynamic cutscenes
  • Skill trees for weapons
  • Car mod skill trees
  • Rich character-driven storyline
  • Additional minigames, e.g. survival


New in v0.1.12: Quest npcs have icons above their heads; easily see which Npcs have quests to accept or turn in when near them or on the minimap. Also, more options added to options menu as well as a few bug fixes.
Coming in v0.1.13 : Keybinds in config and Weapon unlock system


1. ScriptHookV , ScriptHookV.Net v1.1 , Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64) should be installed as a prerequisite
2. The following files are required but are already included: NAudio 1.7.3 (NAudio.dll and NAudio.WindowsMediaFormat.dll), Newtonsoft.Json 6.0.8
3. Copy the entire GTARPG folder into your “scripts” folder inside Grand Theft Auto V’s install directory so you have ‘scripts/GTARPG/ *etc*’
4. Run the game and press Y to enter RPG mode

ScriptHookV v1.0.393.4:
ScriptHookV.Net v1.1:
.NET 4.5:
C++ Redistributable:


– Progressive Exp System
– Dynamic NPC dialog with a range of NPCs
– RNG-Based Item and loot system
– Quest System with onscreen tracker
– Simplistic RPG UI
– Indepth Skill System with Skill Trees and upgrades
– Xbox 360 Controller support

Navigate Up – Num8 / Dpad Up / Arrow Up
Navigate Down – Num2 / Dpad Down / Arrow Down
Navigate Left – Num4 / Dpad Left / Arrow Left
Navigate Right – Num6 / Dpad Right / Arrow Right
Previous Menu/Back – Backspace / Xbox B
Activate – Num5 / Xbox A / Enter
End Dialog(Debug Cmd) – Num0

Help – F7
Save – F8
ToggleUI – F9
New Game – F10

Quest Log – L
Character Menu – O / Xbox A + Up
Inventory – I / Xbox A + Right
Show Menu – J / Xbox A + Left
Spawn Car – K / Xbox A + Down
Interact – E / Hold Xbox A

Skill 1 – T / Xbox X + Up
Skill 2 – Y / Xbox X + Right
Skill 3 – CapsLock / Xbox LS
Skill 4 – U / Xbox X + Down
Skill 5 – B / Xbox X + Left


– Adjusted skill xp gain to 1 or 5% of exp gained
– Quests should be easier to follow with new icons and NPC header-text
– Added tutorials for contracts, npc icons and crafting
– Now supports config file
– Many options added to options menu
– Audio, Show the ‘Press Y’, autostart RPG mode etc (Keybinds coming soon)
– Vehicle Speedometer is now correctly placed on map
– Safearea setup is now clearer
– Toggle UI button now correctly toggles the UI
– Many spelling fixes
– Options menu now shows RPGMod Version
– Fixed excess ped spawning during missions
– Removed return to normal on script reload as it causes a crash. Return to normal mode through the menu before exiting
– No longer shows phone on reloading scripthookdotnet scripts
– Fixed targets not respawning when none left
– Error 000 for corrupt player data
– Fixed Messagebox actions
– Loading car will not infinite load when loading corrupt player data
– Verification for prerequisuites existing: ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet, .NET v4.5

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