Hookers Improved v0.7

GTA 5 Hookers Improved Mod

This hookers improved mod will improve the look of the hookers in Los Santos. All hookers got new textures, faces and outfits and the result is damn sexy.


Update 0.1

– added new textures for Hooker 2
– fixed lips position on Hooker 3 + new outfit

Update 0.2

– hooker 1 is now improved
– improved secondary faces
– other minor fixes

Update 0.3

– improved all body textures

Update 0.4

– fixed hooker 3 spawning with different skin colors
– added new face for hooker 3

Update 0.5

– added new textures for hooker 3’s clothes
– fixed hooker 3’s secondary face
– other minor improvements

Update 0.6

– added new clothes textures mostly for hooker 2
– fixed some face textures

Update 0.7

– now all faces are improved
– adjusted hooker 3’s skin colour
– other minor things added

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