HostagesV .NET Hostage Mod

GTAV HostagesV Hostage Mod

This hostage mod will add the functionality to take hostages by aiming at random pedestrians. You are able to force the hostages to follow you, to get down on their knees, to get down on the ground, to put their hands up, attach blips so you don’t lose them, kill them via a “kill” button instead of shooting them down and you can alternatively let your hostages go by freeing them.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
NativeUI 1.5 (Included in download if you don’t have it installed already)

Put gTaTer_HostagesV.dll and gTaTer_HostagesV.ini to your scripts folder in your Grand Theft Auto V root

Just press F10 to enable the mod menu

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