Jetpack Mod V2

GTA 5 Jetpack Mod V2

This Jetpack Mod allows you to use the Jetpack like the one in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in the newest Grand Theft Auto V. Fly high to the skies of Los Santos with this crazy Jetpack Mod.


Shoot while you fly with the jetpack
Fly high (default setting 1200 above ground, can be changed in .ini file)
Fly fast (default setting 400 speed, can also be changed in .ini file)
Water collisions
Crash collisions
Driver hijack
Use jetpack on bicycle, bikes and sharks


Ctrl + N – to show mod menu
Press J – to equip ord unequip Jetpack
Hold Space – Toggle engine on / engine off (on bikes the horn button, otherwise E)
Press Shift – Go up
Press Ctrl – Go Down
WASD keys – left, right, forward, backward (Tap W to increase the speed, hold to keep the speed)
Mouse – control direction


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