Lamborghini Huracan HD Vehicle Mod v1.2

GTA 5 Lamborghini Huracan Vehicle Mod Yellow

This mod will provide you the Lamborghini Huracan Model in HD. The attention for the details is awesome so take a closer look when you’ve installed the vehicle mod!

Watch the video below to see the newest Lamborghini Huracan Model in action:


Version 1.2:
– Fixed the bug where black rims would cause the whole tires turn chrome

Version 1.1:
– Fixed camera height (no more peeking over the roof while in first person mode)
– High quality tire texture
– Optional black rims were added

– Accurate real life scale
– Fully working collision system
– HD engine
– HD car body
– HD interior with illumination
– Doors & trunk can be opened
– Real life like door opening
– Working gauges
– Full GTA 5 materials
– Smooth reflections
– Breakable lights/crystals
– Correct first person view camera
– Working headlight led’s
– Brake and reverse lights
– Correctly scaled tires
– Working steering wheel
– Hands on wheel


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