OpenIV 2.7 Game Editor

OpenIV 2.6.4. Game Editor


OpenIV is a Editor and Manager for the PC-Version of Grand Theft Auto 5.
You are able to edit and manage IMG and RPF Archives and change textures or edit
with the included WTD Texture editor.

Included in OpenIV:

Global search in all existing game archives
3D Viewer for WDR, WDD and WFT model files
3D Viewer for WBN and WBD collision bound files
IMG & RPF Archive manager
WTD Texture Editor
SCO script decompiler inbuilt
Import or export of 3D Models for the most common 3D Editors
Viewer for most common files like IPL, IDE, WPL and DAT files inbuilt

The newest version of OpenIV with the version number 2.6.4. includes now
full audio playback support. Now you are able to open and export any
audio file and export it to WAV.


OpenIV – 2.7 (Released 2015-11-28) [ View Issues ]
– 0000349: [openFormats] Implement openFormats for collisions (.OBN/.OBD ~ .YBN/.YBD) – Grand Theft Auto V (PC [x64]) (Chipsman) – resolved.
– 0000336: [Package Installer] Implement Package Installer 2.0 (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000348: [General] Improve update experience (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000347: [Archive editing – RPF] Show notification if update.rpf in “mods” folder have different version from game update.rpf (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000346: [Archive editing (global)] Copy to “mods” folder (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000345: [Archive editing – RPF] Add option to show notification while editing archive outside of “mods” folder (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000344: [Archive editing – RPF] Do not show “Install plugin for GTA V” notification for archives outside of game folder (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000342: [General] OpenIV is unable to read encryption information if game is running while initial configuration (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000343: [Archive editing (global)] Show basic note while archive, folder or search result is empty (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000341: [General] Sometimes OpenIV crash while reading XML files (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000340: [General] Sometimes OpenIV crash with External Exception “C0000006” (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000339: [openFormats] Improve openFormats for Audio Container (.OAC ~ .AWC) [Max Payne 3] (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000338: [openFormats] Improve openFormats for Audio Container (.OAC ~ .AWC) [GTA V] (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000337: [Tools (general)] Improve ASI Manager for GTA V (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000319: [Tools – Models viewer (general)] The camera is continue to move after lost focus (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000335: [openFormats] Implement openFormats for Texture Dictionary (.OTD ~ .YTD) – Grand Theft Auto V (PC [x64]) (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000334: [Tools – Texture editor] Improve support for .ytd textures – Grand Theft Auto V (PC [x64]) (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000333: [Archive editing (global)] OpenIV freezes during coping big files into game folder (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000332: [Tools – Fragment Models Viewer] Show link to embedded textures in Fragments model viewer (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000331: [openFormats] Implement text based openFormat (.OXT) for GXT2 files – Grand Theft Auto V (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000330: [General] In some gxt2 files OpenIV is unable to read certain lines (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000329: [Tools (general)] Add openCamera to ASI Manager (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
[22 issues]

OpenIV – 2.6.4 (Released 2015-06-20) [ View Issues ]
– 0000328: [openFormats] Implement openFormats for Audio Container (.OAC – .AWC) – Grand Theft Auto V Audio files (PC [x64]) (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000326: [Tools – Audio Player] Implement support of Grand Theft Auto V Audio files (PC [x64]) (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000325: [Tools – Audio Player] Improve OpenIV Audio Player (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000327: [Archive editing – RPF] Sometimes OpenIV unable to open files after editing and throw “EReadError” (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
– 0000320: [General] Sometimes OpenIV crash after list view style change (GooD-NTS) – resolved.
[5 issues]

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