Paparazzis And Fans For Michael v1.1

GTA 5 Paparazzi And Fans For Michael Mod

This Paparazzi Mod will adds a bunch of paparazzi and fans in front of the entry of Michaels Villa. They going crazy and make pictures when you arrive.

V1: New fans & paparazzis, security & cars for Michael.
V2: New fans & paparazzis, security & cars for Michael + 7 new houses with cars, boat, helicopters & more!

1- Downlooad:
Script hook V
Map Editor 2.1

2- How to install ” MichaelPapsV1 ” or ” MichaelPapsV2 ”
*Copy the ” MichaelPapsV1 ” or ” MichaelPapsV2 ” file to the folder on your GTA V. directory
* Ingame, press F7 to open Map Editor, select Load, then XML and type in ” MichaelPapsV1 ” or ” MichaelPapsV2 ” in order to load the map.

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