Police Mod V1.0c

GTA 5 Police Mod 1.0c

Stealing cars, stealing money, beat the shit out of innocent citizens. This can be boring permanently. How about to be a police officer? Pullover drivers because of speeding, careless driving, vehicle not roadworthy or catch suspects. That sounds funny you said, well it is! And now its possible with this great mod!




Latest version of Grand Theft Auto V.
Must not be a pirated copy.
Latest Scripthook version
Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable


First make sure you have scripthook v installed and have all the requirements noted above.
Drag ALL files in the PoliceMod zip file to your grand theft auto v main directory.
This means ALL Files, the ini file, asi file, and sound files. All files must be in there in order to work.


– F3 to open and close
– Numpad keys
– Space, Backspace, Enter
– Up, Down, Left, Right
– Don’t forget to change your name in the ini file!
– Use config.ini to change your keys according to microsoft virtual keys.
– If the script crashes or bugs out restart by holding ctrl while pressing r a few times, one beep = script restarted, 3 beeps = script stopped.


Rev 6 – 25th June 2015
+ Added lights with no siren, with L key.
+ Made helicopters fly lower so they shine the spotlight
+ Suspects get into vehicles easier
+ Other fixes regarding crashes.

PRE – Rev 6 – 14th June 2015
+ Arrests in pullover with animations
+ Can drive them to the station
+ Weapons added for force duty
+ Pullover offset fixed..ish
+ Instruction improvements
+ Additional fixes

Rev 5 – 11th June 2015
+ Changed pullover sequence, you must wait for the car to pull over first before pressing shift. It’s much more realistic then having the car stop instantly and crash into you.
+ Added pursuit backup when backup is requested
+ Added additional units to chase automatically in the pursuit
+ Added a yell key function
+ Police helicopter fixed, police helicopter will chase perp in pursuit with spotlight, or will go to follow you in a callout. If not in a callout, the helicopter will go to your location
+ Fixed text issues
+ Sort of fixed spawning in the sky/underneath, sometimes peds will be idle though. Still fixing.
+ Added police helicopter search light (works if the helicopter is low enough currently)
+ Added temporary fix for ambulance and fire backup
+ Added animation of ped paying the ticket in a pullover (only for males in cars)
+ Cannot do pullovers while in callouts anymore (they didnt work with callout vehicles in the first place)
+ Removed destroyed car blips
+ Added forceduty (F12) for people experiencing problems with going on duty
+ Improved pullovers
+ Improved log messages
Rev 4 – 4th June 2014
+ Coffee modified
+ Added enemy blips, you can choose whether to show them or not in the ini file. If you want realism or not basically. The reason the blip stayed was because some enemies we’re running away.
+ Additional pursuit checks to make sure all vehicles spawn correctly
+ Made pursuits more intense, peds should ignore traffic + speed, making it more immersive
+ Set abillity to set the time between callouts in the ini file, you can either put your own or keep it as it is
+ Added abillity to accept and decline calls

Rev 3 – 1st June 2015
+ Added more aggressive/fleeable pursuits
+ Added Warning/Set free to pullovers
+ Pullover enhances
+ Bug fixes
+ Re-programmed callouts
+ Made ped pullover ages more realistic instead of getting 70-80 year old people
+ AI now respond to shootsouts & pursuits better
+ Improved cleanup and optimization of overall script
+ Improved spawning objects, should no longer crash hopefully!
+ Made police extremely aggressive in pursuits and combat, making them yell out things automatically
+ Marker added with fixed distance so you have to physically walk up to the door now
+ Removed the money pick up when the person has paid the ticket as suggested by many people
+ People who avoid tickets start a pursuit, backup also comes
+ Completely refixed spawn locations for both peds & vehicles, vehicles should spawn in much more better places.
+ Fixed escorts, An escort is a police officer in a police vehicle who will follow you and help you.
+ More police ped character options & vehicles
+ Fixed partner spawn bug where you would have to press it twice to spawn the partner
+ Added coffee (Only spawns sometimes, W.I.P)
+ Set both the player and partner to have more randomized clothing, so bodyarmor will appear sometimes too
+ Random callouts
+ Avaliable/Busy Status
+ CS Gas added to weapons
+ Manual Callout added, heli support to a specific location fixed.

Rev 2 – 22nd May 2015
+ Added Police Icons for the locations
+ Revamped Pull over system
+ Player can no longer pull over vehicles while not on duty (that would of been annoying if you were using the key for singleplayer!)
+ Remade pullovers to be a bit more realistic, kind of.
+ Fixed number plate random numbers.
+ Added suspect fleeing (refusing to pay tickets)
+ Made menu close after you have done dealing with a pullover, so you don’t have to press f3 all the time.
+ Mission complete sound is played now
+ Bug fixes
+ If you click arrest when you pull over someone then the hands up animation plays, a little preview of whats to come. Arresting is still being worked on.

Rev 1 – 17th May 2015
+ Balanced weapons based on user feedback – Combat Pistol & Pumpshotgun for Police
+ Removed a lot of background activity causing occasional lag
+ Improved menu, no more visual glitches of other menus
+ Started work on fixing pullovers/callouts
+ Added more vehicles, both sheriff and fbi vehicles
+ Cleaned up and optimized a ton of code


I recommend getting a escort, going to them and having them follow you while you patrol/pull over vehicle. They will help you if anything goes wrong.
Try not to scare the ped when arresting someone, having your weapon out  can sometimes scare them
Try to get people to stop their vehicle before you press shfit, because for now the vehicle freezes position in a pullover, by stopping them at high speeds you can ram into them and kill them..

– NOTE –
Please note, i don’t get paid to make this mod.
I do this in my free time and try to do my best with it.
It’s a work in progress and i’m not sure how long i’ll work on it for.

Police Mod is a alternative to the famous LCPDFR, it is a small mod which allows you to be a police officer.

This is a pre-release, expect bugs and broken things. Please direct people to this message, i’m aware of all bugs and i’m working on them. Random callouts have not been implemented yet, it will be ready in a day or two.

1.0c Features
– Bug fixes
– Pullovers, (arrests don’t work yet)
– Callouts
– Callup clean ups
– New radio scanner, disable keys, more quiet
– Code optimizations
– Different weapons

This is a pre-release, just restart the script if bugs happen, this mod will be updated probably daily/every 2 days to fix these bugs, so always check back. The mod is a lot of work and you must understand that this takes time.

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