Project Batman v1.8 Batman Mod

GTA 5 Project Batman Mod Batman Suit

This batman mod will add the function to wear the batsuit, wear the batmask, drive the batmobile, drive the batpod and fly the batwing. Have fun!


• 08/24/2015 Various Crashes fixes and fixed an issue where you cannot go out of firstperson view in Batwing.
• 08/31/2015 Added Batpod and Ability to call and and Fixed some minor issues related to crashing.
• 09/08/2015 Updated the mod to V2.1 and getting the script ready for some missions!
• 17/08/2015 Updated the mod to V2.2 and getting the script ready for some missions!
• Script and Batsuit Textures by GtaGamer222
• Mask, cape, Batmobile and Batwing Converted by israelsr. This guy is awesome!

Thanks to my frieds LetsPlayOrDy, jedijosh920 , ZyDevs for helping me whenever I got lost :]
Also thanks to all the opensource mods really helped me learn alot thanks! :]

Batmobile smoke.
• Ability to glide from buildings.
• Ability to eject whenever you want from Batmobile or Batwing.
• Ability to Call in the Batmobile or Batwing or Batpod whenever.
• Ability to easily equip/ unequip batsuit whenever.

More cool stuff will be added as the time goes on! so feel free to follow the mod :]

To Do:

• Batman vigilante missions ?
• Robin ? 😀
• Add sound effects.
• Batclaw.
• Other Batman weapons.
• And some secret stuff :]
• Feel free to leave any suggestion below!



“F7” to Enable/Disable the Batsuit.
“N” To call in the Batmobile.
“B” to Call in the Batwing.
“O” to call in the Batpod.
“Y” to eject while in Batmobile/Batwing.
“K” to Start/Stop Batmobile Smoke.

I’ll be adding in a .ini soon,so that you can customize the controls :]


• Gamecrashes when you switch characters whilst Batsuit is On.
• Feel free to report if you found any.

1) ScriptHookV
2) ScriptHookV .NET
3) OpenIV

Written Instructions:

1)Extract the files from the downloaded archive.
It contains the following folders “BatmanSuit,Batmobile,Batwing and scripts folder”
2)Open OpenIV
•Open x64v.rpf
•Open models
•Open cdimages
•Open streamedpeds_players
•Open player_one
•Click Editmode on Top right corner
•Replace head_diff_000_b_bla.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
uppr_diff_026_a_bla.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
lowr_diff_003_a_uni.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
hand_diff_000_a_uni.ytd,(Make a Backup before Replacing)
feet_diff_001_a_uni.ytd (Make a Backup before Replacing) with the files in Batmansuit Folder in the downloaded archive.
3)Next open x64c.rpf
•open levels
•open gta5
•open props
•open lev_des
•open v_minigame.rpf
•Replace “prop_t_shirt_ironing.ydr” and “prop_welding_mask_01” with the files in Mask and cape folder inside Batmansuit          folder in the downloaded archive.
4) Next open x64i.rpf
•open levels
•open gta5
•open props
•open recreational
•open v_sports.rpf
•Replace “prop_bumper_car_01.ydr” with the file in Batmobile folder in the downloaded archive

5) Next goto update\x64\dlcpacks\mpheist\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles\mpheistvehicles.rpf\
• And replace “hydra.yft”,”hydra.ytd”,”hydra_hi.yft”,”hydra_hi.ytd” with the files in Batwing folder in the downloaded archive

6) Next goto x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\
• And replace “carbonrs.yft”,”carbonrs.ytd”,”carbonrs_hi.yft”,with the files in Batpod folder in the downloaded archive

7) Finally copy the scripts folder from the downloaded and paste it in main GTA V folder.

8) That’s it 😀 if you followed all the above steps correctly then you should be good to go! Start up GTA V and Enjoy!
If you cannot understand the above instructions I will be making a video on how to install the mod soon so don’t worry! :]

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