Railroad Engineer Train Mod v3.2

GTA 5 Train Mod Crash

With Railroad Engineer Train Mod, you can drive trains and trams in Grand Theft Auto V.


– drive the train or the tram with different properties
– easy access (optional realistic entrance)
– realistic and nonlinear acceleration/braking
– open/close doors (animated)
– radio
– change seat in freight train
– derailment (automatic, manual)
– explosions and collisions with derailed trains
– engineer commands (see below)
– displays (speed mph/kmh, derailment, doors, distance)
– ini-file (configuration file can be changed during the game)

Hint: Edit the ini-file to change the behavior of Railroad Engineer.


– Install Script Hook V
– Download Railroad Engineer and copy the files to the main game folder

How to use

Wait for a train and hold [F] near the loco of the freight train or near the tram.


[F] *  enter/exit train
[W]   accelerate / brake (backwards)
[S]    brake / accelerate (backwards)
[␣]    brake
[␣]+[S]   hard brake
[X] *  derail manually
[E] *  horn
[H]    headlights
[G]    open/close doors
[Q]    radio
[E] **  engineer command (freight train)
[A], [D]  change seat (freight train)

* hold
** engineer must be alive and inside the train
(for more details see the readme file)

Engineer Commands

Enter a freight train and do not kick out the engineer. Choose your desired command with [E]. Leave the cab with [F] and jump off the train. Now the engineer executes your command.

Hint: Engineer commands are not available if the engineer is dead or not inside the train.

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