Real Life Mod V1.0.0.1

Real Life Mod

This mod contains many systems & after time could contain many more.

Each systems are a single mod but they are all-in-one & fully configurable.

Every single system can be turned off completely or even only while a mission is in Progress.


The following mods are included:



This system will force you to drive a little bit more seriously. But still by the law, you are allowed to pass a red traffic light because I can’t do it.


This system spawns patrols around, it’s making your life harder, but basically how it should have been in the first place.

SYSTEM REACTION (This system may lag until fixed)

The law prohibits the wearing of Firearms. People now are more aware of visibly armed people. Guns are scary, people don’t feel good around one since they don’t have one themselves and for the enemies, it kinda make them feels furious.


This system is adding a slow-motion mode that is automatically activated depending of your situation. For example, if you are in cover and start aiming, the time will go slower than if you wouldn’t have been in cover.


This system is synchronizing the game clock with your system clock, you can also enable Winter season, so from a month to an other month you setup, it will be winter season in the game.

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