Singleplayer Snow Mod v2.2

Singleplayer Snow Mod Santa Clause is coming to Los Santos!

This Singleplayer Snow Mod enables snow and christmas weather for the singleplayer in Los Santos. 


1. Make sure you have the latest version of ScriptHook V by Alexander Blade installed. 
2. Extract the .asi file “gtamp-snow-mod.asi” of “” into your Grand Theft Auto 5 directory 

How to use: 

Activate/Deactive simply by pressing NUMPAD 7 key 


Known issues: 
– Mirrors (vehicle) do not display the snow 
– Foot and Vehicle tracks on the snow are missing (removed by R* in patch 350.2) 


Source code: 
– Source code is included in the (folder src/) 
– Or simply download the latest source at

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