Electric Man – Electrocute Mod

GTAV Electric Man Electrocute Mod

This electric man electrocute mod allows you to shock and kill pedestrians, push vehicles away, pull them towards you and explode them. It has an energy level so you cannot spam attacks rapidly. It also has a super punch feature that will blast away the entity you are looking at. It also includes a travel mode, which allows you to travel as a ball of energy. It also has built in super hand to hand combat, so you launch anything you punch.


Put Prototype.dll and crosshair.png inside your scripts folder

E – Main shock key
R – Force punch
T – Take electricity from vehicle
G – Switch attack type
Q – Toggle travel mode
NumPad0 – Open Menu/Close Menu
NumPad8 – Scroll Up
NumPad2 – Scroll Down
NumPad5 – Select

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