VisualV Graphic Overhaul Mod v1.0.200

GTA V VisualV Graphic Comparsion Mod 1

VisualV is a graphic overhaul modification for Grand Theft Auto V, what gives you a edited timecyle, improved color correction and a fixed rendering code to add some life to Los Santos.

Some features of VisualV:

– all weather rewritten from scratch
– removed chromatic abberation effect for all weathers
– increased draw distance of lights
– improved lens flares for all characters
– proper moon movement on the sky & fixed size
– improved volumetric fog
– water reflections in higher quality
– altered clouds colors in all weathers
– beautiful sunrise & sunset
– corrected 2D shadows under vehicles
– heat haze effect in sunny weathers
– added subtle bloom effect
– altered lightning in stormy weather
– new 2D cloud texture

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