Christiano Ronaldo spotted in Los Santos

Christiano Ronaldo spotted in Los Santos

Los Santos is areplica of Los Angeles, a metropolis in which the prominence of the world resides. So the sight of film and music stars for “GTA 5” -Gamer is also nothing extraordinary. However, these days someone is driving in the streets of Los Santos around, nobody would suspect him there. A group of gamers has taken the fun and created the famous soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)!

Sadfully a mod does not exist at present. A look at the funny clip is definitely worth it. Ronaldo performs spectacular tricks with the round leather and does some stupid things what makes you lough hard. The creative gamers have taken the 3D model of the Portuguese star kicker from the “FIFA” games and integrated it in the world of “GTA 5“.

We will keep you informed about the progress of creating a Cristiano Ronaldo Mod for GTA 5!


Have fun watching the video



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