GTA 5 Mods: Take Two Interactive Shuts Down GTA Multiplayer

GTA 5 Multiplayer Mod

You may be seeing the end of two most well known GTA 5 mods; the GTA Multiplayer and FiveM. Modders of both of these have been reached by Take Two Interactive and advised to close down operations at this moment; one even cases he was quietly undermined with lawful activities.

The modders behind GTA Multiplayer sent out an update to all the users reading: “today, we write you broken-hearted. Take2 Interactive Inc. have contacted us and they asked us to stop GTA: Multiplayer, because from Take2’s point of view GTA:MP is a rival of their business.”

Be that as it may, they did include that regarding their approach and hobby is the thing that they were going to do. Obviously, Rockstar Games has dependably been useful to the GTA Multiplayer mod creators, it was Take Two that took the matters in their grasp and chose to close it down all GTA 5 mods that are against their arrangement.

As far as the FiveM mod is concerned, the whole ordeal was allegedly more dramatic. The modders say that private investigators were sent to them who handed a phone to one of them in order to talk to an unknown person who would tell the modder to end all his activities:

So I just got a pair of PIs at my door claiming to be sent by Take Two, handing me a phone with a person somewhere in the UK or US or whatever to “discuss how to cease my activities with regard to Grand Theft Auto’, that ‘they know what happened before with Activision and want to not get the lawyers involved at this time.”

That looks pretty thorough! Anyhow, it looks like its time to say goodbye to GTA Multiplayer, FiveM and probably some other GTA 5 mods too.

Here is the original statement of the GTA Multiplayer Team:


Hello Folks,

today, we write you broken-hearted.

Take2 Interactive Inc. have contacted us and they asked us to stop GTA:Multiplayer, because from Take2’s point of view GTA:MP is a rival of their business. Grand Theft Auto and all its content is produced by Rockstar Games Inc. and published and owned by Take2 Interactive Inc. We, as developers, respect other developer’s intellectual property and their legitimate interests. Rockstar’s developers have invested so much time to create this beautiful game. We have repeatedly stated our position: We are not going to cross this line, we won’t damage them.

This was not an easy descision to make, because we have worked more than 2 years on GTA:Multiplayer. A lot of new friendships are created through it and we all have learned a lot during that time.

We clearly see that this may not only result in problems for us, the mod creators, it even may result in a Social Club ban for you, and this is something we do not want to be responsible for. We always respected the copyright of others, and we will not stop doing so.

And thats their right. And rightfully. They have to protect their own interests and those they have planed for GTA:O and further GTA games.

This may sound now that we never got supported and everything is a lie. If you think so now, that’s not true. We were in contact with Rockstar Games and got feedback from them. But you have to see that Take2 Interactive Inc. is the publisher and Rockstar Games only the developer.

We have never endorsed piracy, infact we encouraged the buying of the game and never touched Rockstar Social Club as other modifications did or still do.

We had a great time being able to develop GTA:Multiplayer, we implemented Javascript and Node.js with a dynamic Scripting system which supports all OOP scripting languages, Chromium Embedded Framework, own network library and more.

All we ever wanted is to increase the expierence and gameplay feeling of Grand Theft Auto V, we tried, we did our best, we were close to a release, but unfortunately we were not able to make it.

May a lot of you now think everything was a lie, scam and whatever, but watch our last video and see the prove, that we weren’t fake and that we were really close:

We will not release source code as other people could use the program code to create a GTA:Multiplayer clone and we would cause more problems for the community. This is not something we want and ever wanted to be GTA:Multiplayer.




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