FPS Booster v1.1


GTA V FPS Booster v1.0 modify settings

This FPS booster mod will modify your grand theft auto v settings that you are able to play this games on low end computers. This tool does not modify the game at all it just stops unneeded services and programs and set the priority of the game higher. So you are able to play gta online with this mod without getting banned.

1.1 -added saving Answers
added error Checks to let you know of Errors
updated extra_scripts
droped Non_Steam_GTAVLauncher and START_GTAV_WITH OUT STOPING ANY THING. (will not be updated)
added a list of CPU speeds in documentation
added a OS check to only show change on Windows vista and Windows 7
added restore theme for windows 7
add a Option to restart GTA 5 when you have exited the game.

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